Upon request, we provide access to a 10' two man kayak and/or a 12' day sailer during your stay. Proficiency, in the use of either must be demonstrated prior to use. For first time guests, an additional deposit will be required to cover loss or damage, but is fully refundable upon their return in good condition.

The beach at Sea Glass Cottage is private and for the use of residents and guests only. The conditions vary each season depending on winter storm activity but tend towards being rocky or a rock/sand mix. A large rocky bar is exposed with each low tide and offers both visual interest and the opportunity to explore. The private beach gives way to the public beach at Center Hill Preserve and offers the opportunity to walk for several miles. Reef walkers or other suitable footwear is recommended.

Experience Nature:
Sea Glass Cottage is located only a short walk away from "the jewel of Plymouth", The Center Hill Preserve. The nearly 100 acre nature preserve boasts one of the largest unspoiled views on the coast of Massachusetts. Nature trails allow the casual hiker and the serious naturalist alike the opportunity to explore multiple rare coastal habitats with abundant and diverse species of flora and fauna. CenterHillPreserve Also, less than two miles from the Ellisville State Park.

Dozens of varieties of both sea and land birds inhabit the area throughout the year. Migrating herds of Harbor and Grey Seals are frequent visitors to the rocky outcroppings in front of the cottage. Occassional, sightings of Humpback and other whales that spend their summers feeding along Cape Cod are always a thrill when they occur.

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